Where am i

I haven't posted here for a while. I switching from using live journal as my rss aggregator to, so haven't been on live journal as much. I also wanted a little more control over my blog, especially being able to view the logs so all my new entries are going to I orginally thought I would do public type posts to and private stuff to livejournal, but that doesn't seem to worked out that way.

So I figured I would do a post here to let people know I have moved. There is an rss feed available at if you if you are using google reader or something similar.

St louis

We spent the last two days in Columbia Missouri, on the way back to the airport we stopped in to see the arch in St Louis

bike stats from the weekend

We biked from court house to bethesda. I was on my old mountain bike since the C&O cannal isn't that fun on skinny tires

there and back
Time: 1:18
Average: 13
Dist: 16.99
Max: 23
Odo: 334.8 (since I bought this odometer)